Sunday, 6 January 2013

Easy Ways to Maintain Healthy Brain We

   The brain is an organ that is vital for humans. With the brain, we can remember the wonderful childhood, remembering all the happy things in our lives or remember anything in our lives. Maintaining brain health should be the first thing we do. So as to keep the brain in order to remain healthy.

        Many ways we can do for menjag brain health. From a simple a little difficult for us. Here are four tips for maintaining brain health:

      You should stay away from the name of smoke and consume illicit drugs (drugs). This is because the two materials can damage the function of your brain. For those of you who are heavy smokers kick the habit is hard, you should decrease slowly until you eliminate the habit of smoking.
      You should have enough rest or sleep every day. At rest or sleep, then wake up, your brain will feel more fresh and working optimally. So do not use your brain to think that expects heavy or light, rest your brain with enough time.
      You have to meet the nutritional needs for your brain. This can be done by consuming foods that are beneficial for your brain.
      Try to avoid impact on the brain. With the frequent collisions in our brain, brain function will also be stopped.